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  • Mexico City
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  • 15 oct 2021
How To Use The Metrobus In Mexico City: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learn how to travel safely and effectively using the famous Metrobus in Mexico City. Here are seven tips to survive this public transport, you’re welcome! 

Known as one of the favorite public transport options in Mexico City, the Metrobus is a quick, safe and inexpensive way to get to different places. It has seven lines distinguished by colors and numbers, just like most subway systems. 

Covering more than 77 miles of territory through different routes and with 283 stops around the city, this transport is designed to move 160 people in each bus, being used by almost 2 million people on any given day. 

How to use the Metrobus in Mexico City? We’ve got seven important tips. 

1. Access 
The ticket to enter the Metrobus is an electronic plastic card. How to get it? The card can be purchased at vending machines located outside the subway and the Metrobus for $15 MXN. These electronic cards are reusable, so take good care of them. Their design changes regularly, so you can even collect them every time you travel to the city. The same card can be used to ride the subway, Metrobus, and other public transport systems. 

2. Cost 
The cost of each trip on the Metrobus is only $6 MXN (approximately 30 cents USD), this includes one-way trips only. Refill it at the same vending machines. Take into account that the maximum amount of money they can have as credit is $120 MXN (5.90 USD). The machines only accept change and small bills, however, they are slowly being upgraded and soon you’ll be able to pay with your credit card. Recharge at least once a week and avoid doing it during rush hour. 

3. Routes 
Check the route you’re supposed to take beforehand. Even though you’ll find maps with images and names inside every bus and station, it may be a little overwhelming if you’re a first-timer. Loudspeakers will announce the next stop, so we don’t recommend you to have headphones on until you’re an expert. Check out the routes here. 


4. Safe Spaces 
If you’re a female traveler, you will love this. On the first floor of every bus, just behind the driver, you’ll find exclusive seats for women and minors (up to 12 years old). These were created to prevent sexual harassment. If any male user sits down on these reserved seats by mistake, policemen will ask them nicely to move at every stop. 

5. Charge Your Phone
If your battery is running low, take advantage of the perks the Metrobus offers its users and recharge your phone at any of the USB slots located on some of the handrails inside the buses. Don’t forget your charger when you get off! 

6. Don’t get pushed 
The doors open and close with mechanical arms that can hit you if you stand too close then the bus arrives at each stop. To prevent these accidents (and unwanted bruises) lines 1, 2, 5, and 7 have updated their buses and changed the mechanical arms for retractile doors. 

7. Updates 
The Metrobus is attracting younger users with some of its updates. For example, the government announced that users of lines one, two, and three, will be able to pay for their rides using their bank cards, smartphones, and even smartwatches that have contactless payment systems.