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  • 15 oct 2021
From Oaxaca To Tulum: Mezcaleria Mamazul And Their Extravagant Cocktails Welcome to Mamazul Mezcaleria! A boho-chic and original hotel + restaurant + bar perfect for travelers that want a place to relax and have fun while sipping on a delicious cocktail. Mamazul is located inside the well-known Mamazul Hotel in Tulum in Aldea de Zama. The hotel offers a fresh vibe of elegance mixed with comfort. Prepare your camera because you’ll find photo opportunities everywhere you look! Their mezcaleria has a menu with more than 300 varieties of mezcal that will make any meal of the day boozy. Although many people say that mezcal should only be drunk straight, they also feature many 100% Mexican craft cocktails. Each sip will open the door to a world full of flavors that we know will make you fall in love. Here’s the link to the menu to study it, learn it, and order like an expert. Who says mezcal is only a drink? The boutique hotel only has six rooms, and each of them features an enriching experience inspired by mezcal. In fact, each room is named after the most prominent agaves grown in Oaxacan lands. Mamazul aims to make its guests feel at home. All rooms have rain showers ideal for enjoying a delicious and relaxing bath with ecological amenities. Step outside and spend some time in your private hammock. Extra points if you have a cocktail in your hand! There’s always a plus Mamazul is not only a relaxing space for your spirit; a few days of rest will fill your body with energy and good vibes. The hotel works hand in hand with a famous tour agency that will take you on a day trip to any of the following places: Sian Ka’an Biosphere It is a declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as it is one of the largest natural reserves in the Mexican Caribbean. It occupies more than 15% of the state, so you’ll be enthralled by the beautiful flora and fauna. 7 Colors Lagoon The Laguna de Los 7 Colores is located in Bacalar, a town considered in the list of “pueblos mágicos” or magical towns. The merger of seven cenotes formed this paradise full of peace and light. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this majestic place! Holbox Island Holbox, without a doubt, has the whitest and softest sand beaches you’ve ever set foot on. Enjoy its crystal clear turquoise waters. Holbox or Bacalar? Why not visit both? Follow our recommendation. Where: Aldea Zama, Andador Kambul, between andador Kaan and Ixchel Street, Tulum Hours: Open daily from 8:00 am -10:30 pm
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  • 15 oct 2021
5 Important Things To Look Out For When You Visit The Archeological Site Of Tulum

Tulum is among the most visited places in Mexico, both by foreign tourists and national travelers, and seeing the photographs of this wonderful place, we undoubtedly understand why. 

Tulum is located in the south of the Riviera Maya; its soft sand beaches, natural attractions, historical sites, and good vibes make it the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant vacation and learn a little more about the history of Mexico. Did you know that Tulum was not always known by that name? “Tulum” is the translation of the word “walls” in Mayan, although the original name of the area was “Zamá”, which means “dawn.”

The archeological site of Tulum is 4.5 kilometers away from downtown. It’s one of the most famous in the Riviera Maya and stands out as one of the most emblematic places in the area. 

It’s open from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, although the doors close at 4:30 pm. Admission is $70 MXN, and if you bring your camera, there is an additional cost of $45 MXN. 

Once inside the archeological site of Tulum, remember to watch out for these five things! 

1. The Castle 
“El Castillo”  is the most representative building of this Mayan archeological site. Due to its proximity to the coast, this was a strategic place of surveillance to announce enemy attacks. Another of its primary functions was to act as a lighthouse, guide navigators, and prevent them from hitting coral reefs. “The Castle” has a central staircase, and you can find it between two small temples.

2. House of Columns
This place is the most significant construction in the entire area and is considered a residential complex and palace where commercial agreements were signed.

3. Temple of the God of Wind 
Also known as “Kukulkan” in the Mayan culture, the god of wind is recognized and worshiped in various places in America. This is the perfect spot to take a beautiful photo. It’s located north of “The Castle” right next to the sea. 

“Kukulkan” was related to the cardinal points since the wind blows in all directions, so his temple has a circular shape. You'll see a small hole at the top of the building designed to make a whistle-type sound when a hurricane approaches. The alarm could be heard throughout the city so people could take shelter.

4. Temple of the Descending God 
This is one of the most beautiful spots in the area and is decorated with a god with wings descending from the sky.  The painting can no longer be admired thoroughly due to the natural deterioration of the construction. 

Very little is known about the main god in the paintings, and its identity has never been clear. Some experts relate it to lighting, rain, Venus, or the sun.

5. Temple of the Frescoes 
Look closely at the male and female representations inside this building. Inside this temple, the ancient Mayans made offerings to the gods with fruit, flowers, and corn. Also, on the second level, you’ll find a small shrine decorated with red handprints.


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  • 15 oct 2021
Meditate inside a cenote in this magical spiritual experience

There’s no doubt about it; more tourists seek untraditional spiritual experiences, especially when they travel to mystical destinations such as Tulum. 

This is why this small and magical city of Quintana Roo has begun to offer new experiences that will make travelers forget about the fast pace of everyday life and bring people closer to a new level of inner peace and awareness. Can you imagine meditating inside a Mayan cenote? 

Why meditate in a cenote? 

For those who don’t know what a cenote is, it’s a reserve of fresh water trapped in caves and underground rivers that come to light with the collapse of their domes over the years. These are famous for their beauty and fascinating depth, which often hide secrets of pre-Hispanic life. 

Cenotes were sacred spaces for the Mayans. With their crystal clear turquoise water, it was the perfect space for them to connect with their ancestors and gods. They would even use them for sacrifices and offerings. Nowadays, they have become natural settings where you can absorb peace, energy, and wisdom. 

Luckily, Tulum is the perfect place to get involved in these bohemian and spiritual experiences inside them, with many tours that include guided meditation and live music.

How do I sign up? 

The experiences typically have a cost that ranges between $150 and $250 USD. They include transportation to and from the cenote to your residence or hotel, live music, food, and snorkeling equipment. It all depends on your budget!

Keep in mind that music plays a vital role since the shape of cenotes and water generate magical acoustics that embrace your body and make it vibrate at unique frequencies. Once the musical session is over, we recommend that you close your eyes and absorb the silence created within the cenote. Listen to your mind and your thoughts, and breathe deeply. 

The highest-rated tours are sold and organized by Viator and Mexico Kan Tours; however, you can search online to find an experience that suits your personal needs. The best thing is that if you’re a non-Spanish speaking traveler, they also offer tours in English, German, French and other languages.

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  • 15 oct 2021
4 Can’t-Miss Art Museums In Tulum

In recent years, this little town has become one of the hottest cities for art, design, and architecture — and it’s got the art museums to prove it. We’ve made a list of four art museums and galleries you can’t miss in Tulum. These artistic and cultural spaces express true art from the pieces in their walls and rooms to their exterior design. Prepare your senses to experience art in different forms, blowing your mind and evoking your every feeling.

1. Mystika

Pepe Soho is the mastermind behind all art pieces in this gallery/museum. Get to know a little more about Soho before entering the gallery reading his biography at the building entrance. Located just minutes away from Tulum’s archeological site, it features “visual art pieces that are a tribute to the world’s natural wonders and a guide to the cosmology of the Mayan culture.” Step inside a one-of-a-kind immersive museum that will submerge you into Pepe Soho’s world through his photographs and videos, making you connect with nature through a sensory experience. The exhibition is divided into several rooms, including two that present audiovisual pieces: Maya and Santori. These are perfect for those Instagram memories that will look great on your feed.

Admission: $450 MXN

Where: Calle Yalku, manzana 10, lote 3, fracción 5, local 25, Colonia Tulúm Centro Time: Sunday-Tuesday 10:00am-8:00pm Wednesday-Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm

2. Sferik
Sferik is the ideal cultural spot for nature lovers. The museum reinterprets the jungle that physically surrounds the venue. You will be invited to walk barefoot to experience the space with your five senses. Each room is designed to give your spirit a warm sensation of peace and harmony.

Admission: $10 USD

Where: Carretera Tulúm-Punta Allen KM 5, Zona Hotelera, 77780, Tulúm Hours: 11:00am-18:15pm

3. Balam Art On Feathers

Fall in love with the unusual art of painting on bird feathers at this gallery. Visitors will be able to take home beautiful and colorful pieces of art made on real feathers. The unusual art form comes from prehispanic origins, with artisans from Yucatán making them to this day in a nearby town called Baca. Each piece is delicately hand-painted, making every product sold unique. Top-of-the-line oil paint is used on the feather, which is then framed and protected by a glass sheet. Feathers used in these art pieces are picked up from the jungle, so don’t worry; no birds are harmed to obtain them.

Where: Calle Yalku Manzana 10, lote 3, local 4,

Hours: 8:00am - 18:00pm

4. Holistika Tulum Art Walk  

Holistika is one of Tulum’s most famous boutique hotels. However, many tourists don’t know that inside their premises, you can find an “art walk,” where they brought together artists from all over the world to create their masterpieces in the Quintana Roo jungle. Through art, they generate awareness of the importance of nature and the interconnectedness of everything. The best part is that you don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to do the art walk; just go and visit!

Where: Holistika Tulúm Av 10 Sur Lote 4, Zona 11, Manzana 902, Tulúm

Time: Call the hotel before visiting for more information

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  • 15 oct 2021
Gitano Tulum Jungle: Eat and dance surrounded by jungle & vines

Gitano Tulum Jungle is located in the exclusive and totally instagramable town of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Get to know this fabulous venue in the heart of the Caribbean jungle where the phrase “Live a little, Be a gypsy. Get around” is the law.

Gitano (Gypsy in Spanish) was born towards the end of 2013 as a little kitchen and Mezcal bar. Nowadays, this philosophy of capturing the essence of who we truly are: free spirits, wanderers, and wonderers, bohemian, diverse, inclusive, conscious, and creative, has conquered not only Tulum but the world. This famous restaurant and bar is known and experienced by international travelers from all around the globe, making it a mandatory stop for anyone who goes through the city.

Pioneers in creating the Gypset concept, which combines the carefree, colorful, hippie lifestyle, with authentic glamorous and luxurious experiences in paradisiac locations, The Gitano experience is for true boho and sybarite travelers who are looking for an air of elegance and sophistication. Their menu includes bold flavors, locally harvested ingredients, and artisanal cooking in their firewood oven. And for cocktail lovers, they feature more than 50 different types of mezcal and signature drinks infused with local fruits and herbs.

This place will make you feel at ease, so be ready for your lunch to turn into dinner. Visitors typically stay until the dead of night, get rid of their shoes, and dance the night away in their Jungle Room.

Something important that we love about Gitano Tulum is that, in addition to its delicious menu and unusual jungle construction, they look for sustainability, helping underprivileged people locally and various international foundations donating part of their profits.

Where:Beach Road Km. 7, 77710 Q.R.

Hours: 6:00pm-11:00 pm