Gitano Tulum Jungle: Eat and dance surrounded by jungle & vines

Gitano Tulum Jungle is located in the exclusive and totally instagramable town of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Get to know this fabulous venue in the heart of the Caribbean jungle where the phrase “Live a little, Be a gypsy. Get around” is the law.

Gitano (Gypsy in Spanish) was born towards the end of 2013 as a little kitchen and Mezcal bar. Nowadays, this philosophy of capturing the essence of who we truly are: free spirits, wanderers, and wonderers, bohemian, diverse, inclusive, conscious, and creative, has conquered not only Tulum but the world. This famous restaurant and bar is known and experienced by international travelers from all around the globe, making it a mandatory stop for anyone who goes through the city.

Pioneers in creating the Gypset concept, which combines the carefree, colorful, hippie lifestyle, with authentic glamorous and luxurious experiences in paradisiac locations, The Gitano experience is for true boho and sybarite travelers who are looking for an air of elegance and sophistication. Their menu includes bold flavors, locally harvested ingredients, and artisanal cooking in their firewood oven. And for cocktail lovers, they feature more than 50 different types of mezcal and signature drinks infused with local fruits and herbs.

This place will make you feel at ease, so be ready for your lunch to turn into dinner. Visitors typically stay until the dead of night, get rid of their shoes, and dance the night away in their Jungle Room.

Something important that we love about Gitano Tulum is that, in addition to its delicious menu and unusual jungle construction, they look for sustainability, helping underprivileged people locally and various international foundations donating part of their profits.

Where:Beach Road Km. 7, 77710 Q.R.

Hours: 6:00pm-11:00 pm